For the past 2 years I’ve been slightly eating vegetarian style, No meats but chicken and turkey! BUT after this weekend and this day I’m going full on Vegetarian!


I want to do this and I am open to any suggestions and help! please feel free to tell all!


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Why being blonde isn’t easy !

Being a blonde isn‚Äôt easy, so if it comes naturally¬†Cherish¬†it. It also costs MONEY;¬†so if you aren’t willing to keep it up, Don’t Do It!
I’ve noticed that no one really likes to go to the salon for a haircut. However,¬†Blond hair (both natural and dyed) tends to be finer; so if you are not getting your hair trimmed properly and you have split ends, that split will travel all the way to the root. Even if your plan is to grow out your hair, it is important to keep it healthy by getting a trim regularly.
When growing out your hair, the number one priority is getting your hair trimmed! Your hair won’t grow if it’s dry,  split and uneven.
A quality haircut every three to four weeks is an excellent (idea) (thought) (plan).


(Get) (Have) your roots done before your hair has grown out past the 3/4 inch mark, approximately every four to five weeks. If you have blond hair, you need to know the difference between damaged versus dry hair. You should ask your stylist to recommend the proper hair care routine for you.
Purple-tinted shampoos and conditioners balance your hair color, adding cool undertones and preventing it from getting brassy or gold between touch-ups. However, if you have warmer blond locks and want to add more shine to your hair, pick a gold-enhancing shampoo instead.


Do you believe that you only need sunscreen on your skin? Think again. Your hair can get damaged from the sun just like  the rest of your body; leaving it dry and potentially fading your beautiful hair color (actually all hair colors) . Make certain that you use a UV protectant spray (designed for hair) during the summer to protect your hair from the sun’s harsh rays.

Are you afraid of toning with ASH?

Ash Tones

Ash Tones
Ash, MY FAVORITE. Ash can provide you with many natural, soft tones.
Ash and Violet-Blue tones help cancel out brassy yellow tones.
Here are some things that have the ability to lift or fade hair color:
  • Shampoos with sulfates
  • Sun exposure
  • Products containing silicone or parabens (NOT GOOD FOR THE HAIR)
  • Mineral deposits from the shower or swimming pool (HARD WATER, CHLORINE)
  • Multiple layers of dye
  • Toner
    Know the underlying pigments you want to correct; then choose a toner with the base that will best counter that color.

    Green neutralizes Red
    Blue neutralizes Orange
    Violet neutralizes Yellow

The best time to apply toner is directly after bleaching!


My definition of Beautype” would be the different types qualities us women carry. We all are all different. We look, are shaped, like, and carry ourselves DIFFERENT. Therefore, our beautype (beauty type)‘s are different. I was searching different blog names while talking to a close friend. I wanted to a different and unique name, not the typical ..beautyspot or …beautycorner. You that first title that pops to everyones name because its easy to remember. I googled it (of course i did lol) and came across a name generator:¬† Put a few things in and the name generator threw some things out there and gave me an idea. I ended up putting beauty and type into one word and adding the a to the beginning. abeautype (a beauty type). & now that’s my Name.

So if your wondering where I came up with the name…….There it is.